“As I contemplated what makes Mike DeLuca different from any other person — or coach — I’ve ever met is that he brings three different dimensions of expertise to his work. First, there’s the ‘mental/thinking’ side of his coaching where his decades in business and his professional training as a coach create unique value. Next, there’s his ‘spiritual side’… his uncanny ability to somehow know, from levels deeper than simply of the mind, what will help unlock an individual’s greatest potential.

But it’s the third dimension of his coaching that I admire most of all; it’s that Mike’s counsel comes first and foremost from the heart… his kindness, sensitivity, and extraordinary empathy for others — derived in part from his own personal struggles, and ultimately triumphs — that makes him such a wise, trusted, and ultimately effective coach.”

International Ideation and Innovation Agency Owner, Consultant, Multiple Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Adjunct Professor

“One of the first steps I took when deciding to become an author and corporate speaker was sit down with Mike DeLuca.   He wasted no time in helping me to develop a powerful vision of what was possible for my future, while training me in specific strategies when it came to promotion, stage presence and the business structure I would need for ROI.   I credit Mike for setting me on the right path to where I am today.   On your journey to achievement, you will need a sherpa to take you up the mountain. Mike DeLuca is that sherpa. I highly recommend his coaching programs.“ 

TedX Speaker, Author, Podcast Host, International Consultant

“I have had the privilege of working with Michael DeLuca as an executive coach. In that capacity, Michael guided me to discover options and strategies that helped me achieve a fantastic career opportunity. Mike is an exceptional leader and his passion for the cause of ‘you the customer’ allows him to leverage his background and skills to help you envision what you want in your life, career and how to achieve it. Michael is smart, intuitive and possesses a communication style balancing strong listening skills and focus that enables you to make results happen quickly. Mike is a pleasure to work with and I strongly recommend him without hesitation.”

Judy Foley, MBA
Operations Executive

“I am very grateful to have met and worked with Mike DeLuca. Mike is a natural coach. I have had the privilege of witnessing both as a client and an observer, the passion and skills he brings to his work. He flows into the coaching role so seamlessly and effortlessly that you immediately trust him. Combine this with his 40 years of consulting and training experience and you can feel comfortable having him assist you with any situation. He is genuinely interested in you and is the deepest of listeners. Mike possesses the instinctive ability to ask just the right questions, at the perfect time to unleash inspiring Eureka moments, creative solutions and insightful action steps. I would confidently recommend his services for you, your team, and your entire organization.”

Oliver Murko
Development Manager – SAP Labs, France

“Mike DeLuca’s Daily Goal Achievement Mastery Journal  came at a critical time for me. I left my career as a paramedic several years ago and was looking to try something completely different, but was making very little headway. My challenge was finding the discipline to get the things done to create the base for this new direction. I really needed to find a way to get myself out of first gear and into, at the very least, a second gear. Mike’s journal helped me to find the focus and mindset to make significant headway. In two months my life has transformed; getting up early, getting things done, and a new confidence based on successfully changing old habits that were not serving me. The Journal and Mike’s mentorship has transformed my lifestyle so that I can believe in myself and my ability to accomplish some great things in this lifetime.”

Retired Medical Professional, Real Estate Professional and Entrepreneur

“Mike DeLuca’s inspiring life journey of service and overcoming adversity, is enough to make any company want to enlist his assistance.  Professionally, he possesses strong Executive Coaching skills and Personal Performance Excellence Development acumen. He utilizes powerful Business Process Improvement and Sales Consulting techniques to assist worldwide industry-leading companies. He has decades of experience being an internationally recognized featured speaker, instructor and workshop facilitator. His abilities and motivational support have been of great benefit to me personally and professionally. I highly recommend his services and programs.” 

Chee Ming Loh – Project Manager
Toyota Tsusho Corporation – Japan

“Mike DeLuca and The Your Nine Steps℠ Program are, in a word – LIBERATING!

With Mike’s coaching, I was able to give up my own self-limiting stumbling blocks. He helped me to recognize and honor the unique abilities I had within myself.

As a result, I was able to confidently and courageously move into new and uncharted territories in my career. I had a newfound inner knowing that  I still had many things to offer the world. As Mike took me through each of the Nine Steps in his program, I was able to use my own inner resources to collaborate and network an idea he helped me develop and bring it to the finish line. With Mike’s help, I learned to set the right goals for me.  I learned to create the right plan and work in harmony with life to pull me to my goal!
Mike and his program have not only empowered me, but also opened up every creative part of me, and when that kind of potential is realized, there is nothing that can interfere with success. 

Mike DeLuca and his Daily Goal Achievement Mastery Journal have not only empowered me, but also opened up every creative part of me, and when that kind of potential is realized, there is nothing that can interfere with success.
From my heart –thank you, Mike!”

Producer of Multiple Emmy Award-Winning Network News Television Programs

“Mike DeLuca has served as a source of inspiration, wisdom, guidance, and compassion to tens of thousands. As a coach, instructor, trainer or presenter, he inspires others to discover and to express the joy of their highest selves.”

Physician, Author and International Speaker

“Mike DeLuca is amazing! He took me under his wing as a Business Coach. His Your Nine Steps℠ Program helped me create much needed structure, reachable goals, powerful planning and highly effective time management tools. Before I started working with Mike, my business was going nowhere. I was going to give up, thinking that maybe I was not meant to be an entrepreneur. But his leadership, inspiration, creativity, and energy helped me learn how to save and grow my business. With Mike’s help, I could not – and would not give up. After assessing my business, and me, he saw what I needed to do and we immediately went to work. He is very passionate about serving his clients and his inspiration is contagious. Now my business is really on its way! I have used his program in my personal life as well, and boy has my world changed for the better. I highly recommend Mike, and his Your Nine Steps℠ Program. They put me in the driver seat of my business and my life!!!”

Holistic Health Professional, Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mike DeLuca for over 40 years. During that time Mike has always demonstrated an innate and rare ability to understand complex human, spiritual and business relationships, and how their unique interactions in our lives helps support the manifestation of our deepest dreams and goals. In the time I’ve known Mike, I have always benefited from his ability to communicate these key ingredients into common language, easy to both understand and integrate into my own life. As a world renown speaker, consultant, coach and mentor, Mike lives what he teaches, bringing only the highest ideals and example he sets as a human being and successful businessman and advisor, into what he teaches. The principles he outlays so simply, and with great insight, are keys to finding success in both business and life. I always leave one of Mike’s talks feeling inspired knowing that what I have learned through his heartfelt example will enhance my own understanding of what I can do to meet the goals I’ve set for myself. In short, Mike DeLuca is one of those rare human beings whose example, wisdom and valuable life and work experience can inspire and help you navigate the challenges of your own life. He will give you what you need to create the life you imagined for yourself no matter what part of the journey you are in your career, and no matter how hidden the ingredients may feel to bring a plan together that will catapult you to the future you imagine for yourself. I can wholeheartedly recommend Mike DeLuca as an invaluable asset to have on your team as a coach, an inspirational leader, and someone who you can trust will be the perfect mentor in a time when authenticity and heart-centered leadership is becoming harder to find.”

Licensed Social Worker and Healthcare Professional

“I was floundering in the demands that come with growth and success of a new business even though this was not my first rodeo. As I created this new practice, I wanted it to truly grasp and reflect to the world my vision. Mike DeLuca and Your Nine Steps is the amazing amalgamation of vision work and tactical implementation. Together we developed the framework and processes which are in alignment with the big vision I hold. We identified and connected three key aspects: the experience I want my practice members to have, the values I hold for the business of my dreams as well as my personal life, and the day to day processes and thinking that occur as a business develops and grows, which if not monitored, can be self-limiting if not harmful. 

Let’s face it, growth is stressful. His techniques and homework exercises place focused energy on items that most positively impact my goals so that each step I take or don’t take has maximum value. In 3 months of working with the program and Mike, my practice, which previously could not sustain growth, is now growing with a structure that is flexible into the future and I am not only getting more sleep, I’m starting to have fun again! The tools I now have help me worry less, problem solve faster and expand my consciousness to include opportunities previously unconsidered. I am thankful to have discovered Mike and Your Nine Steps. As I start Act 2, I have great appreciation for the wisdom of his experience and his insightful approach to the aligning of my vision, purpose and execution as I build out my dream.

I am grateful for his Daily Goal Achievement Mastery Journaling System. This powerful tool guided me through practice growth in the midst of the Covid Crisis, and helped me thrive while enduring many business and health challenges. In addition to sound business council, it helped me silence self-doubt and old self-limiting influences from my past. This enabled me to create space for a greater sense of purpose.

I am so grateful for how Mike DeLuca has shared the struggles that have occured in his life that led to the greatness of his heart and wisdom. I endeavor to pay it forward – every day!” 

Physician, Medical Practice Owner, Former Member of the US Olympic Team Medical Staff

“Working with Mike DeLuca has been nothing short of amazing. His approach and style are unlike any other coaching experience I have had, and it’s all for the better. Every session left me feeling excited, motivated, and hopeful. I had a plan of action, a toolbelt of aids to help me through the inevitable obstacles of entrepreneurship, and a deeper understanding of my strengths and how to use them. He has helped me take my small business to a different level not only financially, but also in respects to the impact I leave in my community and with my clients. My gratitude for Mike and the effort, energy, compassion, and insight he brings to his work is immeasurable. My original goals all revolved around my business and yet I came away with gains to all aspects of my life. Thank you, Mike, for the immense impact you had on my life over the course of our sessions and beyond! “

Nicole Willett
Owner - Nicole Willett Fitness - Personal Fitness and Nutrition Advisor