About Our Program

Who We Are - What We Do

We help practicing and retired healthcare professionals create new income-generating, purpose-driven, entrepreneurial opportunities in their lives. We help them regain and supercharge their passion for working, living, serving and growing.

We assist creative, spiritual and artistic entrepreneurs to become more focusedproductive and financially liberated.

We help all of these people discover their unique and authentic talents, power and Message. Then we help them harness all of that into a Movement that serves the world through their own powerful Webinars, Seminars, Online Classes, Books, Videos, Coaching and Consulting offerings.

We are a growing community of individuals from around the
world who are dedicated to achieving our goals; living limitless lives of greater wisdom, love, freedom and happiness; while helping others to do the same.

Our members have the opportunity to move through a series of
tools and instructional programs created by Mike DeLuca to gain  unstoppable momentum on our journey to new realms of entrepreneurial opportunities and  Goal Achievement Mastery.

These tools and programs are based on Mike DeLuca’s ground-breaking “Your Nine Steps℠ For Goal Achievement Mastery” Program and his decades of experience in personal development, teaching, training, coaching, corporate consulting, online instruction and entrepreneurial development. This program is a uniquely designed, natural Goal-Setting/Goal-Achieving/Transformational process, that is all about what is already inside of you! It is all about your Genetics, your Brain, your Mind, your Heart and your Dreams and how they can join forces to insure Goal Achievement Mastery©.

Our programs guide you through unprecedented levels of
self-knowledge and personal growth with access to daily support from an incredibly supportive community.

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Our Evolved HealthCaring Program
and our
REVENUETION℠ Build Your Business
Entreprenuerial Development Program

Members of our Evolved HealthCaring Program or our REVENUETION – Build Your Business Entrepreneurial Development Program with a powerful time and cost-saving package.

The Platinum Level Program will harness all of Mike DeLuca’s expertise, products, programs and colleagues to help you create a new business, transform your retirement, or turn your knowledge and passion into a Message and a new, purpose-driven Movement.

This Platinum Package includes:

  • 12 Months of Coaching Sessions with 2 Private Zoom Coaching Sessions per month
  • Unlimited Email/Text Correspondence
  • Access to Weekly Sunday MasterMind Meetings
  • Access to the Goal Mastery Journaling System Online Course
  • Access to the Your Nine Steps℠ For Goal Achievement Mastery Online Course
  • Access to the R.I.D.E. MY DREAMS Online Program
  • Access to Special Quarterly Industry-Specific Summits
  • A Custom Sales Page Funnel with Online Payment and CRM Integration
  • Assistance in creating and running Workshops, Seminars, Summits, Classes and MasterMinds
  • Referrals for assistance in writing, publishing and distribution of books, videos and online courses

Our Personal Development and
Goal Achievement Mastery Program
Provides Keys to Limitless Living and
Personal and Professional Excellence.

Through Our Unique Process of...

...We Help You to Fully Align Your:

Through a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Process of:

Our Proprietary Tools, Programs, Training & Coaching...

... Can Enable You to Live a Limitless Life!

How Our Personal Development/Goal Achievement Mastery Program Works...

Our program has evolved to resemble a more formal Academy of Personal Development and Advanced Goal Achievement Exploration, with a natural progression of instruction, information, and materials.

Stage One is Orientation – At this stage people will attend our 3 Session Covid Crisis Comeback Challenge (mark your calendars for May 1st and 2nd for the next one!!!) Here they will experience the power of my “3 Keys To Your Crisis Comeback Mastery” and can do so live, or by purchasing the new Online Course. Also, every Sunday, participants can experience new information and training by attending our Sunday evening Alumni MasterMind Group that meets every Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on Zoom.

Stage Two is Undergraduate – This is the study of the Goal Achievement Mastery Journaling System over a 90-Day Period. This Journaling System is designed to create new patterns, habits, mindset and energetic fields to allow you to take quantum leaps in goal setting and goal achievement.  Participants become part of a wonderfully supportive and instructional Journal Study Buddy Group, with a trained facilitator. This group dives deep into each section of the Journal and how to gain maximum benefit from it. They then share their successful applications and goal achievements for the week to support and inspire each other to greater heights. Once again, every Sunday, participants can experience new information and training by attending our
Sunday evening Alumni MasterMind Group that meets every Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on Zoom.

Stage Three is the Master’s Degree Level Program – This program progresses into a 9-month program with weekly
classes and video tutorials utilizing my Your Nine Steps
For Goal Achievement Mastery Curriculum and Workbooks. Participants will also experience the support and inspiration of a Study Buddy Group as they explore a different portion of each Workbook every week and a different Workbook every month. Participants can purchase the first 2 Workbooks/months of
the program for $97.00. If they wish to continue, they can purhase an additional Workbook and class membership for $49.00/month. Once again, participants can attend our Sunday evening Alumni MasterMind Group that meets
every Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on Zoom.

Stage Four is the PhD. Level Program – This program gives you the option of taking a Build Your Business Program track, for entrepreneurs who want to start a new business or revenue stream, or existing businesses who want to grow and scale. You can also take the Build A Bigger Life Program track for individuals who want to expand into greater Personal Development and Goal Achievement Mastery. This is a 1-Year long program of private group coaching with me. Once again, participants
can attend our Sunday evening Alumni MasterMind Group that meets every Sunday at 7:00 PM Eastern Time on Zoom.

Stage Five is the Future Contract Staff Development Program – Here, qualified participants are chosen to work as Study Buddy Group Leaders, Workbook/Course Instructors and Personal Coaches under my supervision. As our program grows in numbers of participants, qualified – certified staff will be needed to help facilitate the different programs. There are several methods of compensation available for Contract Staff associated with our program.