Mike DeLuca - Founder

Hi. I’m Mike DeLuca.

My whole life has been a series of amazing steps. So can yours!

It is very important for me to make sure that you understand how seriously I take this opportunity to help you change your life. Before I tell you a little about myself, it is really important that you know that what I care about most – is you! I care about you achieving your goals hopes and dreams. I care about you living a life that is meaningful and fulfilling. If you take the time to get to know me, you will see that I am not just some guy who read a few books, thought it would be a cool thing to teach a course, and then slapped a Website together. I have invested over 45 years of my life, investigating, learning and living the invaluable principles in this program. I am an internationally recognized business consultant, Subject Matter Expert, Certified Professional Business and Personal Excellence Coach, cleric, author, speaker, instructor, media 

personality, song-writer, performer, licensed pilot and entrepreneur. I am the founder of the Your Nine Steps℠ program. I have done some amazing work in my life. Made millions, spent millions, failed a number of times, succeeded a number of times and learned something valuable – every time. I have had a lot of dreams, and made many of them come true. I am looking to help nine more people do the same. Are you one of them?

In 1981, when a series of unfortunate hardships struck my life, I was left jobless, penny-less and homeless. I lost my apartment, my money, my girlfriend, my dog – I know – it sounds like a bad old country western song! I am telling you this because I want you to know, that I really know what it is like to have your dreams shattered and your confidence crushed. But I never lost hope. It was during this time that I drew on my inner strength, inner experiences and inner support, forged by years of study, generous mentors and training. I began the process of developing what almost 45 years later would become the Your Nine Steps℠ Program, in order to transform my life from homelessness to limitlessness. I would like to share these steps with you, to benefit you, your family and your business. Will you be one of the next nine adventurers I work with?

Here is my Official Biography in case you are really interested in knowing more about me (or really have too much time on your hands:)

Michael DeLuca is a Certified Personal and Business Excellence Coach, a Philantropist, Author, Venture Capitalist and the founder of Integrative Wellness and Development LLC. He is the creator of:


* The Your Nine Steps℠ Program For Goal Achievement Mastery©

* The Daily Goal Achievement Mastery Journaling System©

* The Covid Crisis Comeback Challenge©

* The 3 Keys To Your Crisis Comeback Mastery Program©

* The Exploring The Wisdom In Your Dreams Program©

* The DreamLearning Program™  


Mike has devoted over half a century to exploring and promoting Personal Growth, Spiritual Development and Integrative Wellness. This work was the result of his inspiring journey from homelessness and poverty to his current life of limitless possibilities. He shares his discoveries through his writings, talks, workshops and courses, as well as his consulting and coaching engagements. His over 750 appearances on radio, television, Webinars, seminars and podcasts have inspired millions of people around the world. His early work in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation resulted in thousands of disabled workers returning to gainful employment and independent living.


As a Performance Improvement Consultant, Mike has helped large companies identify Billions of dollars of opportunities for improved efficiency and Millions of dollars of cost savings. He has helped entrepreneurs manifest the businesses of their dreams and small business owners go from struggling to thriving in record time.


He is a very popular Subject Matter Expert that is sought after by Investment Research Firms, Investment Companies and Consulting Groups. His transformational work with people of all ages has earned him the title of “Honorary Chief” in several countries, and a place of honor, love and gratitude in the hearts of everyone he touches.


Experience the exact same strategies I used to produce the following results over the years…

Lift myself up from being homeless, penniless and living on the streets to enjoying a life of personal and financial freedom. 

Aide tens of thousands of unemployed workers with gaining new marketable skills and securing well-paying jobs. Many of those I helped secured their dream jobs – even during the COVID Crisis.

Help millions of people through radio, television, workshops and seminars reach new levels of personal development.

Inspire thousands of people through my workshops, podcasts, videos, webinars, online courses and coaching to develop a deeper sense of self understanding and achieve their goals.

Guide hundreds of companies to dramatically improve their revenue generation, customer satisfaction and marketing strategies

Enable struggling companines to keep their businesses open, keep their workers employed and discover $4 Billion in improved productivity and cost savings.