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Is your HealthCare Career breaking your heart?

  • Are the growing burdens, exhausting hours and growing threats to your health causing you to experience “Health Care Burnout?
  • Are you starting to forget about why you fell in love with the dream of helping people heal?
  • Are insurance companies, government regulations, and legal minefields paralyzing your practice and hurting your patients and killing your quality of patient care – and – quality of life?
  • Do you want to make a deeper, uplifting, and lasting impact on people’s minds, hearts and lives as a thought leader – on your own schedule – all from the comfort of your own home or vacation spot?
  • Would you like to create a growing revenue stream for right now, and for your retirement?
  • If I could show you a proven 9-Step process to change all of that for you in a matter of a few months, would you be interested in finding out more?

Then let’s work together and transform your HealthCare Career into a HealthCaring Movement – right now!

Did you ever look in the mirror and say to yourself - "I really thought I would be so much further along in achieving my life goals by now?"

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About Mike

Mike DeLuca 

  • Certified Business and Personal Performance Excellence Coach
  •  Over 45 years of Personal Development and Business Improvement Training and Consulting Experience
  • Founder of Integrative Wellness and Development LLC
  • Creator of The Evolved HealthCaring™ Thought Leader Program©
  • Creator of The Your Nine Steps Program For Goal Achievement  Mastery©
  • Creator of “The Daily Goal Achievement Mastery Journaling System©
  • Creator of the “3 Keys To Your Crisis Comeback Mastery Course”©
  • Creator of the “Exploring The Wisdom In Your Dreams Course”©
  • Co-creator of the “DreamLearning Program™”
  • Founder of “The Covid Crisis Comeback Challenge”
  • Founder of the “Goal Achievement MasterMind”
  • Co-Founder of the “SAMI Charitable Foundation”
  • Co-Founder of the “Benevolent Think-Tank”
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 Author of: 

  •  “3 Keys To Your Crisis Comeback Mastery©“,
  •  “Harnessing The Power of Optimism in Your Life©“,
  • “The Secrets of Goal Achievement Mastery©

We’re Here to Serve.

When the Covid Crisis hit in 2020, I decided to come out of retirement and use the Personal Development, Coaching and Consulting skills I developed over the last 45 years to help. I wanted to help people establish strong foundations in these uncertain times. I wanted to help entrepreneurs and small businesses pivot and find new creative ways to keep their business dreams alive. So I created the Your Nine Steps℠ Program for Goal Achievement Mastery© and the Covid Crisis Comeback Challenge to help.

It is very important for me to make sure that you understand how seriously I take this opportunity to help you change your life. Before I tell you a little about myself, I want you to know that what I care about most – is you!

Through Webinars, Group Coaching, Personal Coaching and Weekly MasterMinds, we provide you with:

Business Coaching

We love to inspire entrepreneurs who are spiritually-focused, creative, innovative, purpose-driven or artistic to establish and grow their businesses profitably as well as ethically. Your Nine Steps℠ Coaching can take you, your employees and your business to the highest levels of productivity, efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction. Remove barriers to success, improve time management, and eliminate procrastination while staying true to your heart, soul and purpose…

Discover how Coaching can help you, your employees and your business

Personal Excellence Coaching

Your Nine Steps℠ Coaching can help you discover your deepest motivations, achieve full Inspirational DNA Alignment, create congruent goals that pull you to them, and fluid plans to realize your dreams and celebrate limitless living…

You owe it to the person in your mirror to start achieving those goals ... right now!


We are a For-Profit Company with the Heart of a Non-Profit Movement

I believe that we can change the world by raising up one person at a time to a higher level of realized potential and self-sufficiency. I invite you to do the same. To that end, I re-invest a major part of our revenues to rewarding those contractors who help get things done, and to supporting those non-profit causes that I deeply believe in.

I have volunteered thousands of hours and donated tens of thousands of dollars providing:

Upcoming Events

The Covid Crisis Comeback Challenge Sunday Alumni MasterMind Group – Sundays 7pm Eastern US Time on Zoom

The Evolved HealthCaring Thought Leader Program Facilitated Group Instruction Sessions with Mike DeLuca meet weekly on Zoom beginning in March, 2023.

Requires Enrollment in the Evolved HealthCaring Thought Leader Program with Mike DeLuca.

Register for the program at EVOLVEDHEALTHCARING.COM/


Your Nine Steps For Goal Achievement Mastery 
Nine-Month Master Class
With Mike DeLuca

* Pre-Recorded * Available 24/7 on Zoom


Daily Goal Achievement Mastery Journaling System
The Goal Achievement Mastery Journaling System Course
Three-Month Master Class With Mike DeLuca

* Pre-Recorded * Available 24/7 on Zoom



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Our Podcasts

Do you need to reboot and restart yourself or your business after what you’ve gone through this pandemic? In today’s episode, host Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy talks to Michael Deluca about what it takes to come back after COVID. What’s unique about Michael is that he helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals with a solid foundation built on personal experiences.

Strength of purpose

Episode 17: Reboot, Restart with Michael DeLuca

I am honored and grateful to have been interviewed by Dr. Phil Finemore on his Strength of Purpose Podcast on IHeart Radio.

I hope that you will have the time to listen to it and find something useful that will serve you wherever – and whoever – you are – right now!

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